Monday, June 18, 2012


HIGHLY recommend the below press release for Jeremy Russotti's Trainer Certification Program in Las Vegas, July 16-18th, 2012. You will learn more in 3 days about skill development than you learned in your whole career.

As coaches I know a lot of you have gone to coaching clinics before and had a great time but didn't get much "meat" out of it. Now we are launching Jeremy Russotti's 1st Annual Trainer Certification Program to bring the best of both coaching and training into one gym. The conference is strategically dated to bud up to all of the top Las Vegas AAU tournaments, as well as NBA Summer league for maximize networking opportunities. You can visit our website link to get the official media kit (large file). Visit

Jeremy Russotti's 1st Annual Trainer Certification Program will be held July 16-18th, in Las Vegas at The Orleans Hotel. Jeremy Russotti will be providing his amazing curriculum syllabus, DVDs, while providing 14 hours of in depth skill court demonstrations. To add to the event, Jeremy lined up Ben Howland (UCLA), Jim Cleamons (Former LA Lakers / Chicago Bulls Assistant) and Russell Turner (UC Irvine / Former Warriors Asst. Coach) as guest instructors about the important of skill development. This is not your typical coaching clinic where you hear coaching stories or pure X's and O's. The event is also all-inclusive, including hotel stay, meals, and nightcaps. You will get to see live how Jeremy Russotti works out top players such as Shabazz Muhammad and other professionals in town for NBA summer league. This event as also partnered with TEAM UNITY brining in 15+ international professional coaches, as well as multiple NCAA D1 staffs will be attending. As Russotti describes it "This is for a coach, or assistant coach, of a junior high, high school, AAU, college or professional basketball team. It is equally beneficial for aspiring trainers looking to expand their business. The networking capabilities of the event will be an added benefit as well."

Please visit the website for media kit for all info/schedule/or how to sign up. This event will be available for the first 50 participants because of room availability. If you have more questions, call Leila Abufarie at (714) 933-0120, or via email

Leila Abufarie Twitter @JeremyRussotti -Green Room Training ( -dba 1% CLUB Basketball Services ( -CEO Global Sports Innovation (GSI) -J-GloveShooting Aid ( -Velocity Bands ( -O-Bands ( (714) 933-0120 "Train for Gains, Not to Maintain"

Shabazz Muhammad - Jeremy Russotti workout

Now this is how you are suppose to work out people!! Check out Shabazz Muhammad (UCLA Commit) training with top Skill Development Trainer Jeremy Russotti in his Green Room Training (GRT) Program (

As you know I have been talking about Jeremy for years and its great to see him working out some of the best. His product line ( is amazing and very functional to training. There is part 1 and Part 2

For more about Jeremy's Product line visit or his websites

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Calling out Individual Skill Trainers

The Last time I checked the game of Basketball is played 5 on 5! Remember to teach them to play with others and to defend and rebound! Otherwise I consider you just as bad for the game as "And One Mix Tapes"! Shot Selection and taking care of the Ball is so important! It is about getting yours!

I was more impressed with Kevin Durant 4th qtr assists

Kevin elevated his teammates by the 2 dimes he dropped for scores! He showed trust in his teammates! Remember the only way to to be Great is by passing, the Russell, Bird, Magic, and Jordan way!

Friday, August 06, 2010

Want to increase your ball-handling very quickly?

As you all know, I am a huge believer and follower of Jeremy Russotti's (1% CLUB Basketball) Millennium Series DVDs. In all of his DVDs, he always has a section on "Hand Quickness" and "Wrist Weight Overload Training". After watching his explanation, and seeing footage of the players he trains, the proof is in the pudding that he may be developing some of the quickest ball-handlers in the world.

Say's Jeremy, "Ball-Handling is by far the easiest skill to teach. The development of ball-handling has to include the proper progressions with a solid curriculum, but really the #1 key to ball-handling is QUICK HANDS. I see ball-handling like boxing - if you have slow hands, you will get knocked out and exposed. In basketball, if you have slow hands, you will get it taken from you or can't progress the ball against a defense".

In his DVDs he makes a great point about the Overload Principle. He states that if you want to increase your muscle mass, you go to a weight facility and overload your muscles with weights. If you want to increase your aerobic conditioning, you overload your heart with running, swimming, stepping, etc. Therefore, why as basketball coaches, do we never overload our basketball players hands during ball-handling drills? Say's Jeremy, "For those that have seen my clinics, they know that we will NEVER step onto the court for our ball-skills work without overloading our hands with weights. Training without them would be maintaining the skill level and speed I currently have. If professionals, high schoolers, etc., are paying me to get them better, I need to get results fast".

Once again, it is great that Jeremy Russotti provides the basketball world with top resources for training. The Wrist weights can be found on his website (, or can call him for team sales (707) 849-1212. Keep it up Jeremy and can't wait to see what you bring forth next.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Jeremy Russotti Millinnium Unstoppable Offensive Skill Set DOUBLE DVD

I highly recommend Jeremy Russotti New "Millennium Unstoppable Offensive Skill Set" Dvd. I really like this new DVD since it is a Double DVD and has a lot of great teaching footage. For those that don't put two an two together, Jeremy is the inventor of the J-Glove Shooting Aid ( and founder of Green Room Professional Training ( He does a great job of teaching the "Why" to all his moves and he gives you a move and counter move. Jeremy is a great passionate young teacher of the game. I always get something from him. I look at the kids he works with and they always get better! I would love to clone this Gym Rat teacher and send him around the country! Jeremy understands the how the body relates to the skills of the game. Trailer DVD is below. I also am a huge believer in his Overload Wrist Weight Training concepts and his wrist weights he designed for basketball players. It is a very simple concept, however, after watching the progression of the players he trains, the proof is in the pudding (see trailer footage at bottom video).

Way to go Jeremy another hit Dvd in your Millennium Series!!! Jeremy also just shot his 4th DVD of his Millennium Series this past weekend and he say's it is his best DVD to date (out in a few months).

Wrist Weight Training

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Street stops here movie

The Street stops here movie about St. Anthony's Basketball program featuring Coach Bob Hurley will be on PBS March 31st at 9:00 pm cst. I am looking forward to seeing the Best Coach on the planet at work. The DVD will be available April 6th at Wal-Mart.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Sherlock Holmes was also a Great Baller!

Sherlock Holmes from Mitchell High School class of 1983 was special the Best High School player I have ever seen.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Following up on Espn Outside the Lines

The NBA only has 7 white American born 6'5" and under players in the league. What has happen to the next John Stockton or Mark Price?