Friday, August 06, 2010

Want to increase your ball-handling very quickly?

As you all know, I am a huge believer and follower of Jeremy Russotti's (1% CLUB Basketball) Millennium Series DVDs. In all of his DVDs, he always has a section on "Hand Quickness" and "Wrist Weight Overload Training". After watching his explanation, and seeing footage of the players he trains, the proof is in the pudding that he may be developing some of the quickest ball-handlers in the world.

Say's Jeremy, "Ball-Handling is by far the easiest skill to teach. The development of ball-handling has to include the proper progressions with a solid curriculum, but really the #1 key to ball-handling is QUICK HANDS. I see ball-handling like boxing - if you have slow hands, you will get knocked out and exposed. In basketball, if you have slow hands, you will get it taken from you or can't progress the ball against a defense".

In his DVDs he makes a great point about the Overload Principle. He states that if you want to increase your muscle mass, you go to a weight facility and overload your muscles with weights. If you want to increase your aerobic conditioning, you overload your heart with running, swimming, stepping, etc. Therefore, why as basketball coaches, do we never overload our basketball players hands during ball-handling drills? Say's Jeremy, "For those that have seen my clinics, they know that we will NEVER step onto the court for our ball-skills work without overloading our hands with weights. Training without them would be maintaining the skill level and speed I currently have. If professionals, high schoolers, etc., are paying me to get them better, I need to get results fast".

Once again, it is great that Jeremy Russotti provides the basketball world with top resources for training. The Wrist weights can be found on his website (, or can call him for team sales (707) 849-1212. Keep it up Jeremy and can't wait to see what you bring forth next.