Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Best Individual skill development coaches

I would like your thoughts on individual skill development coaches. Steve Finamore does a great job with this.

Best High School Basketball Coaches in the USA

Please email your thoughts on the best high school Basketball coaches in the country. I want big school and small coaches that do a great job. Please email at with your thoughts.

Point Guard Development Ideas

In my opinion Bob Hurley and the late Dick Devenzio are two of the best sources for developing the point guard. Coaches please send me your thoughts and drills on developing the position I have information to share. Winning Hoops has just come out with a great report on Floor Generals Developing Prolific Point Guards.

Mike Conley is a winner at every level

Mike Conley who I have seen play since the 5Th grade is an old fashion pass first point guard. Mike can lead, pass, finish, defend, and in the area of shooting I know he will improve is shooting. He has great IQ for the game and His teams will win some NBA titles. He is my favorite player in the draft. I am hoping he slips down to my Celtic's. That brings me to another subject Mike's dad has done a great job of developing Mike and also Greg Oden and I have so much respect for him as a coach and developer of young men and players.