Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Steve Finamore and I will debate anybody on this topic!!

My good friend Steve Finamore and I will debate anybody on American Basketball!!

American kids still rule the game of Basketball

I just got back from Chicago and Milwaukee seeing some of the best players in the country. Our kids have improved a ton on shooting the rock. Don't tell me about the European method of teaching Basketball we invented it and teach it better than anybody!!! Congratulations to the World Champions U-19 USA team!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The J-Glove Shooting Aid is a great new teaching tool!!

Jeremy Russotti's J-Glove is a great complement to the Star Shooter. Finally a Shooting Aid to help the Follow-through. The J-Glove in my humble opinion is the Best Basketball Shooting Training Aid of the New Millennium. I saw Jeremy's prize pupil Josh Akognon in Omaha last year in the NCAA opening round, Josh was incredible and I had never heard about him and he put a great Shooting display on against Wisconsin when he scored 31 points against the always tough Coach Bo Ryan defense. I personally used the J-Glove today with great results with various level players and was very impressed with much improved results that I saw today. The J-Glove sells itself and Jeremy is a tremendous young Teacher and Coach of the game. I highly endorse The J-Glove and The DVD and I look forward to watching the Ball handling DVD as well.

The website is, or if you are interested in reviewing other resource services offered by Jeremy's "1% CLUB Basketball Services", refer to Below is the Trailer DVD footage for the "Millennium J-Glove Shooting DVD", as well as the "Millennium Ball-Handling DVD".