Friday, April 20, 2007

In light of Virginia Tech are we too politically correct?

Let me preface my latest blog by saying that I am high school security person. I believe that I am on the front lines of domestic terrorism and I am deeply saddened by the Virginia Tech tragedy. With that being said, I believe that the shooter was already identified by the staff and teachers as a potential random actor. I believe that staff was ignored by the administration at the school because they are too worried about being politically correct, and sadly we have a bunch of innocent lives destroyed by this evil person. I feel that we cannot stop these events when they happen, but we had so many warning signs with this misguided student who was bullied for most of his life. We have a responsibility as a community to help be pro-active in these matters and do the right thing which is more important than being politically correct. We have plenty of more these types of individuals throughout the world and we have responsibility to identify potential random actors. Finally, I pray for all the families in this horrible event.