Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Jeremy Russotti Millinnium Unstoppable Offensive Skill Set DOUBLE DVD

I highly recommend Jeremy Russotti New "Millennium Unstoppable Offensive Skill Set" Dvd. I really like this new DVD since it is a Double DVD and has a lot of great teaching footage. For those that don't put two an two together, Jeremy is the inventor of the J-Glove Shooting Aid ( and founder of Green Room Professional Training ( He does a great job of teaching the "Why" to all his moves and he gives you a move and counter move. Jeremy is a great passionate young teacher of the game. I always get something from him. I look at the kids he works with and they always get better! I would love to clone this Gym Rat teacher and send him around the country! Jeremy understands the how the body relates to the skills of the game. Trailer DVD is below. I also am a huge believer in his Overload Wrist Weight Training concepts and his wrist weights he designed for basketball players. It is a very simple concept, however, after watching the progression of the players he trains, the proof is in the pudding (see trailer footage at bottom video).

Way to go Jeremy another hit Dvd in your Millennium Series!!! Jeremy also just shot his 4th DVD of his Millennium Series this past weekend and he say's it is his best DVD to date (out in a few months).

Wrist Weight Training